Dr Shamshad Bano

Dr Shamshad Bano

MBBS; M.Phil
Senior Lecturer Anatomy

Research interests:

Neuroanatomy; developmental biology; Epithelium cell biology; cellular biology; cell-cell adhesion


  1. Bano S, Bakhsh L, Wagan G, Zardari AA, Bangulzai MA, Shaikh R. Study on morphological changes in the gall bladder mucosa associated with cholelithiasis. The Professional Medical Journal. 2020 Aug 10;27(08):1753-62.
  2. Khaskhelli LB, Memon S, Goswami P, Bano S. Change in normal morphology of placenta and its possible effects on fetal outcome in diabetic mothers as compared to non-diabetic mothers. Jlumhs. 2013 Jan;12(01):49.
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