BMC Life

Campus on a tour designed for prospective graduate and professional students. You will see how our university like, facilities, studenst and life in this university. Meet our graduate admissions representative to learn more about our graduate programs and decide what it the best for you.

Event and Traditions

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Student Activities at BMC

Student Activities are clubs, teams and societies that are associated with colleges and universities. These are typically organized by students with a system of approvals and support offered by the college. Student activities provide opportunities for enrichment, leisure, recreation, social interaction, community engagement and volunteering. 

Social Life at BMC

At the Bilawal Medical College, Social Awareness and Responsibility involves the awareness, understanding, and appreciation of connections among people, including between people and the natural environment. Social Awareness and Responsibility focuses on interacting with others and the natural world in respectful and caring ways.


There are many options to travel in the campus.


More than 100 parking lots available in the campus. The parking is available during college hours . We make sure that everything is under control.

Our goal is to be at the heart of the financial services industry as businesses expand across.