First Training Workshop on “PBL for Tutor”

First Training Workshop on “PBL for Tutor on Dated: Monday February 08, 2021”

Academic Committee Meeting Hall, BMC
Resource person(s)
Dr. Rano Mal Piryani
Sixteen (12 from Basic Sciences and 4 from Clinical Sciences) Two participants from other medical institutions.
General Objective:
Prepare the faculty members for implementation of PBL in Basic Sciences Phase /Spiral of undergraduate (MBBS) study.
Specific objectives:
1) explain the PBL process, 2) distinguish the role of tutor in conducting PBL session and 3) design, develop PBL package including formulation of scenario, triggers, tutor guide and 4) orient students on PBL process.
Methods used:
Interactive Tutorial with Brainstorming, Small Group Work Discussion